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    August 2017 iOS App for WicedSense2 doesn't work


      I recently bought the Wiced Sense because it is advertised as working with IOS app wiced-sense from the iTunes App Store. However the app seems to be little more than a demo.


      While on its opening page it shows the ”WICED Sense2 Kit” as well as other BLE devices in the vicinity, it does not connect. Tapping WICED Sense2 Kit on the iPhone screen highlights it and clears the screen to only DEMO, it does not switch to the sensor display screen and the Tag stops broadcasting after about 20 seconds. The only way to get to the sensor display screen in the app is to select DEMO. Selecting DEMO immediately after tapping WICED Sense2 Kit while the tag is still transmitting also fails to connect.


      Please advise.



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