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    Problems with PSoC Creator and Windows 10


      Good morning.

      I sent an e-mail to the address CDC3.0@cypress.com on august 8th.

      Until now, I did not receive any answer and my contribution does not appears on the blog.

      Please, could you explain me what I have to do to obtain your attention?

      My development environment is fully updated, but working on CY8C5868AXI-LP035 with Windows 10, I had a lot of problems.

      I have three different PC and two MiniProg3.

      A laptop running Windows XP that crashes immediately after launching the PSoC Creator.

      A laptop running Windows 10 that takes more than 10 minutes to compile the application if the TopDesign has been modified.

      A desktop running Windows 10 on which I obtain the best behavior, but:

      - The debugger programming stops without any reason.

      - The debugging stops without any reason.

      - The MiniProg3 switch its green LED off without any reason.

      - The programmer destroyed a microcontroller.


      Thanks in advance.

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