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    Questions about ADC

      Hello everyone!  I am developing a board where I would be using a PSOC target chip ONLY to measure  voltages ranging from 0-5V.


      I have the following questions:


      1. How can I flash firmware onto the Target chip without the KitProg present on my board?


      2. What does internally/externally regulated mode mean?


      3. I am highly confused about the Vref for the SAR ADC. Datasheet suggests that if I choose the  input range to "Vssa to Vdda Single Ended" and Reference to "External", my Vref is capped at 2.5V.


      How does that work? Does the Vref get doubled internally;otherwise how can I measure voltages from Vssa to Vdda Single Ended?  


      To be explicit, I need 5V reference because I need to measure voltages upto 5V. Do let me know if I am  making an error somewhere. Thanks!