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    CYW43907 SDIO Slave



      I want to stream video from external MCU to WiFi via SDIO.

      CYW43907 datasheet said, that CYW43907 can operate as SDIO host and as a device.

      There is huge amount of SDIO host examples, but no SDIO slave projects.

      I`ve seen API at:



      WICED/platform/MCU/BCM4390x/peripherals/include/sdio.h sdioh.h sdiovar.h



      I have CYW943907AEVAL1F board connected with SDIO host via headers and resolder R141 to pulldown.

      All info about SDIO device is addresses of SDIOD registers. Is anyone can help me with some examples of initialisation and data transfers?

      Thanks very much for help!

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          SDIO device mode drivers are yet to be developed (Assuming you will need the F2 functionality) hence you don't see any example project or mentions of that. I will internally follow up to correct the 5.7.1 section of datasheet so that it does not mislead anyone.

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            hi rroy.

            I just need to transfer data(let`s say uint8_t array[]="hello world") from external mcu(SDIO host only) to cyw43907(SDIO device) and print that data with function printf to ComPort. As I understand, it cannot be done now?

            Thanks for replies a lot!

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              Your understanding is correct. This feature is not yet supported in the WICED SDK and there is a management decision underway to prioritize this.

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