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    USB Unknown with CY8C5868AXI-LP035 (psoc 5)

      Hello fellow developers :-)


      Using the PSOC 5, when connecting the USB to a PC the "USB UNKNOWN" message pops up.


      1. I've used several designs with a usbuart feature. while on a different board the USB is recognized, on my board it isn't.

      2. since my USB traces go through a VPX connector to another board and only then to a USB connector, I bypassed my board by attaching the USB cable straight to the 22.1 ohm resistors on both + and - pins (connected GND as well) - result was the same. UNKNOWN DEVICE.

      3. I even replaced the device on my board from a 2015 date code to a 2017 date code, thinking that could be the problem.


      So far I'm quite desperate.

      Since I'm sure in my schematic, I think there are 3 issues that could be the problem:

      1. I'm missing some kind of first time assignments to the device?

      2. The burning in is somehow not correct (it says "successful" so i doubt it's the problem. but occasionally i get an error on first burn-in and succeed only in the 2nd try)?

      3. I have some peripheral issues with voltages/currents/reset/capacitors/traces?


      Can anyone assist? Have an idea on what I should check?

      Thank you!