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    How to use WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_MIXED_PSK (SDK 3.0.1)

      Hi @ all,


      I've found a mix security type for WPA2 called 'WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_MIXED_PSK'. As I can see, the encryption can be changed but allways WPA2 is used. Regarding IEEE 802.11 there are two configuration mandantory:

      1) WPA + TKIP

      2) WPA2 + AES-based CCMP


      Is WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_MIXED_PSK designed for stations and/or access points?

      But how can I use WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_MIXED_PSK? Or what is it good for?


      Thanks for helping,

      Jan Gottwald




      The trigger of my question is:

      When I configure WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_MIXED_PSK on my hardware (STA) and try to connect to an AP with WPA2+TKIP, the connection fails.