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    Want to create new field in DCT statically (Not by programming with DCT APIS) in DCT_APP_SECTION



      I would like to create some entry specific to our application in  DCT_APP_SECTION statically (not by programming, not using DCT APIS)

      but before flashing the image. Initially this values will be flashed when we are going ship the product but this will change in future when application starts running.

      For example in DCT_APP_SECTION  offset 0x10 the value should be specified as 0x45 (statically in C file or somewhere not sure how to do). When application started running first time the expected value should be 0x45 in offset 0x10. But after application booted and done some test it will update the value (This is through using DCT APIs).

      Can you please let me know where (which *.c file) and how (Which section of code and data structure) I have to mention in WICED code stack?

      Thanks & regards