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    RFCOMM Credit


      From the monitoring tools I see in an  RFCOMM connection between the WICED and an Android phone, the RFCOMM server on the WICED grants only 1 credit but when I monitored an RFCOMM link between two Android phones I see that the server on one of the Android phone is granting 6 credits to the other Android phone. More credit means more back to back transmission; 6 credit corresponds to the transmission of 6 packets back to back. More back to back transmission can improve the overall throughput.

      A credit represents the number of packets that a device can send at a time. Each packet transmission uses a credit, when the credit reaches zero the receiver must grant more credit in order to enable the transmitter to send more packets.

      Since the RFCOMM is a credit based protocol what parameter needs to be modified in the WICED studio to increase the RFCOMM credit? Certainly there is an upper limit for the credit, but currently it is set to 1.  There should be some room to tune it higher than 1.

      The Android phones are using the Broadcom Wifi/BT chips which is similar to the Cypress reference design.



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          Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this feature and at the moment we do not have an ETA for it.

          We have forwarded your query to our product development team, who will evaluate your query.

          Thank you for your interest in Cypress products