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    BootLedBlink doesn't work


      I've build and ran BootLedBlink example, connected one led pin to ground, another to GPIO[33] (DQ[16] according to documentation). I'm sending high/low signal toggling every 50ms to GPIO[44](DQ[17]). I've configured theese pins in defines.h Led doesn't blink, there is nothing on pin DQ[17].


      What can be wrong?

      I've also tried to modify the end of main.c like this:


      CyFx3BootGpioSetValue(APP_LED_GPIO, CyTrue);


      while(1) {

      CyFx3BootGpioSetValue(APP_LED_GPIO, CyTrue);


      CyFx3BootGpioSetValue(APP_LED_GPIO, CyFalse);




      Still no reaction. What could be wrong?