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    How P port and other ports works?


      Hello Everyone,

      I want to know how p port works, i have studied the programmers manual given by cypress for fx3

      but it is unclear how gpif is taking data and how p port is used. i am taking reference of UVC AN5779.

      In this example they have used PIB socket 0 and PIB socket 1, what are they? what is their use?

      I have also seen GPIF example in which they have used CY_FX_GPIF_PRODUCER_SOCKET

      How this is different from PIB socket?



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          Anyone can you please answer?

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            A socket is a point of connection between a peripheral hardware block and the FX3 RAM. Each peripheral hardware block on FX3, such as USB, GPIF, UART, and SPI, has a fixed number of sockets associated with it. The number of independent data flows through a peripheral is equal to the number of its sockets.


            GPIF block has got 32 sockets associated with it.


            To use P Port, let's say, you need to make communication between P Port and U-Port(USB)

            Then you should create a DMA channel between these two blocks. The point of connection between this channel and the P-port block/U-port block would be their respective sockets.


            For detailed explanation of Sockets and it's usage in AN75779(UVC Application) please read the appnote document.