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    DAC output  is turning in the loop

      Hi everyone!


      I got some problem about DAC(8 bit)


      I got 32 bit ADC input and I'm trying to configurate this input with DAC 8 bit output  I made something but i have some problem looks like


      while I changing my input my DAC output changing too but not stable I change my input such as 36725 to 36027 my DAC output is


      255 to 0 it is ok but if I change my input to down such as from 36027 to 35822  my output turning back to 255 and  in continues time to 0


      but  I want  my input was 2^32 output should be 255 my input was 0 output should be 0


      How can I do it?


      I attached my file

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