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    CY15B104QSN-108LPXI Linux Driver needed for any QUAD mode (SDR,DDR)

      We have a CY15B104Q at LSPI2 interface at our NXP SoC and we drive it fine with the m25p40.ko with minor adaptions. Like F-RAM Support under Linux – KBA223028


      But how should we drive CY15B104QSN-108LPXI  at  QSPI0 for MTD, I couldnt find a KBA?

      Should we modify a QSPI Nor-Flash driver too ? Like { "s25fl512s",  INFO(0x010220, 0x4d00, 256 * 1024, 256, SPI_NOR_DUAL_READ | SPI_NOR_QUAD_READ) },


      We are looking forward to hearing from you how we can drive the QSPI F-RAM with linux v4.9.88


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