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    PSoC 4.2 Pioneer kit  I2C module



      I am currently using a PSoC 4.2 Pioneer kit for specifically using the I2C module. I am trying to control the register Read and Write to an external Video Decoder TVP5150 (Texas Instruments) component by programming the PSoC I2C module as the Master and the TI component to be the slave.


      Can you please advise me on whether I can use the Arduino Compatible SCL and SDA ports to interface the PSoC I2C SCB module with the TVP5150 component ports (SCL and SDA) and do the register read and write from I2C Master?


      Also whether the Bridge control port is a good option to read and write to the external device using the I2C SCB component in PSoC, just to view the read and write operation results on screen?


      Thanks and Regards,

      Nandhini Jayapandian