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    Is it possible to output with CY22392


      Can the following frequencies be output simultaneously with CY 22392.

        18.5035MHz or 27.4405MHz (Output with exclusive use)




      If output is possible, please tell me the setting contents and calculation formula for CY 22392

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          It is possible to generate upto four unique frequencies by using CY22392 including the reference frequency. You will need to use one of these frequencies as reference input to the device. You will also get that input as a buffered output on the XBUF pin. The other 3 frequencies can be generated by the device. You can check this on Cyber Clocks Software provided by us to create the JEDEC file or we can also create a JEDEC file for you.


          I have attached a reference setting for you to check. I have used 48 MHz as reference but you can use any other frequency also. Kindly have a look and let us know further.