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    SRAM Example not work with file that have size 512 byte


      SRAM Example GPIF State Mashine has count = 511 and 16 bit data bus. I tried to change GPIF SM counter = 255 for write and read 512 byte instead 1024 as in  SRAM example by default. I modified 1024 bytes file with hex editor to 512 bytes file.  But it is not work properly.


      First 512 bytes writing and reading return array of 512 bytes with zeros!!! The second attempt return previous data array.


      I called CyU3PDmaChannelGetStatus befor CyU3PGpifSMSwitch to check  "prodcount",  "conscount"  counters. Counter value not changed after one transmitting (array 512 bytes). But after second transmitting (array 512 bytes) counters  values increases 1024 !!!


      I tried to create file with different size from 32 byte to 368 byte. In all cases no problem.


      Why examle not work with 512 bytes arrays?????