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    Why Flash Read shows all zero's


      Hi All,


      I am using CY8CKIT-042.


      Using PSoC Programmer I am erasing the entire flash.


      But, when I read back the flash content using PSoC Programmer, it displays all the flash content as zero's.


      Isn't it that when we erase the Flash it suppose to change all the device content to 1's?




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          Hello Sudheer,


          The PSoC devices utilizes a unique flash process called SONOS ( Silicon Oxide Nitrous Oxide Silicon Semiconductor). So, the flash erase in the PSoC device turns on all the memory transistors in an array or array portion (such as a row in Flash). Erased transistor = negative Vt = “on” = “0”. Programming the flash turns off only those memory transistors that must become “ones”. Programmed transistor = positive Vt = “off” = “1. ”Thus, after erasing, the flash content is changed to zero.



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            Hi Sayani,


            Thanks for the reply.