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    Arduino + Wiced Sense

      Hi Guys,


      I'n just wondering is this possible that connect the wiced sense to android phone and getting all the data value from sensor. Then push all the data to Arduino? or connect wiced sense direct on Arduino?




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          Hello Wei,


          My advice would be to get the data from WICED Sense and then push it to the Arduino.




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            Thanks for the reply, JT


            My other question is is that possible to connect two bluetooth devices, one is wiced sense, and the other one is arudino with bluetooth module? Otherwise would you suggest me the other way to push data to arduino?


            Never code the android app before, so I am not really sure how to do it. But only thing I need from the wiced sense is the XYZ data. Then I can do the coding on arduino itself.


            Thanks again.



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              I am not sure what do you want to achieve with the setup, but one choice i would bring up is the on board I2C pads available on the wiced sense. If you crack the case open, you would be able to see the 2 soldering pads labeled SDA, SCL. Then you can setup your arduino to be a I2C slave, and use wiced sense to push the data through the I2C interface.


              Warning: wiced sense works in the 3V range, most arduino are 5V, thus a level shifter is recommended.

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                Thanks for the reply, Edward.


                I have been heading to the wrong direction.


                I am just trying to control servos using the gryo (maybe accelerometer and compass also). So something like if the x change from 0 degree to 90 degree. Servo move from 0 to 90 degree also.


                I still need to do some research for the I2C interface. So basically I will need two arduinos right? One will be the master and the other will be the slave and connect the wiced sense to the slave arduino. I am just curious what kind of data will I get from the I2C to arduino? Is there any library I should look into or the function I will need to read the gryo, accelerometer, and compass?


                Thank you so much for the reply again.



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                  Hi Wei,


                  I'll presume you would like to control the servo wirelessly, otherwise there is no point keeping the bluetooth in the circle.


                  In that case, you will use wiced sense as the bluetooth slave sending the sensor data, and some other device working as bluetooth master which has the servo connected to. But in this setup I2C will not be helping you at all.

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                    Hello Waynet,

                                         Did you find any solution regarding how to connect Arduino to Wiced BT sensor tag through bluetooth (HC05) . I am trying the same thing but when I do the scan from HC05(master configured) Wiced tag is not displayed (while other android BT devices are found).

                    What am I missing here .



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                      Hello Shubham.

                      Since this thread is old, can you make a new one regarding your issue?

                      Thank you.