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    rtc interrupts and details about rtc


      Hello ,

      I need to use rtc component for event driven logic. I am able to run the component and getting proper results on lcd. I am not able to use rtc pre-defined interrupts function like sec,hour etc..

      I just placed the desired code to be executed inside inside static void rtc_EverySecondHandler(void); this funtion but nothing happens.


      My question is how to make use of these funtions and use rtc capability for time based event handling.Please help as i am stuck from 2 days.

      My another  question is this rtc component hardware or software componet?

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          problem solved. for first question.


          first question answer ...one has to masked the interrupt bits in main code. before starting rtc_Start();

          /* Set interval mask - handling of interrupt stubs of the rtc component */

              rtc_WriteIntervalMask(rtc_INTERVAL_SEC_MASK  | rtc_INTERVAL_MIN_MASK   |

                                    rtc_INTERVAL_HOUR_MASK | rtc_INTERVAL_DAY_MASK   |

                                    rtc_INTERVAL_WEEK_MASK | rtc_INTERVAL_MONTH_MASK |



          Second question still remains please answer someone