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    The smallest size flash operation in PSoC4100S?

      Hi guys,


      I am using the CY8C4125LQI-S432 in my project (PSoC4100s).


      From what I read from the datasheet, I found that the smallest operation in flash is a row, which is 256 bytes in size.

      If I use the last row (which is 7F00 to 8000) for the self flash, I will have to erase the whole row and re-write the whole row every time the system needs to save settings.


      If I reserve more rows for self-flash (so that I can write to 7E00 first time, 7F00 second time...etc), the expected flash life cycle will be extended.

      But my flash size is only 32KB, I don't think I will have that much flash space left after programming.


      So I am wondering, is there a smaller size operation for the flash?  or is it a limitation that it must be written and eased in 256 bytes?


      Thanks guys