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    Strange disconnection issue..


      SDK: 2.2.

      Tag: 920737.

      app: our application based on hello-sensor sample code.

      firmware size ~ 29KB.



      Use one handset to connect with sensor device for 2~3 days, and take handset
      back home and device still stays in office; after back office, handset can not scan
      it for connection. Then check the trace, device had ever called with plan_air_connection_down()

      for disconnection and during idle, it will periodically call plan_air_advertisement_stopped() to broadcast
      by bleprofile_Discoverable(). But handset still cannot find this MAC; is there any similar issue happened before?

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          i tried to reproduce your issue but to no avail. i pair and connect to a standard hello-sensor with wiced explorer on a samsung s4. i walked away with the phone for like 10min and back. i was still able to initiate connection from my phone... an air trace could be more meaningful in such cases...

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              I did have similar issue before, but not yet resolved. Trying reset to device to recover it for now.


            Unable to advertise after shutdown of all connection

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              what is the app you guys are using on your phone?

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                Hi Hardy,



                Hi, Boont,
                I use our own APK at handset side and env. is easier than Hardy's. (only 1 slave + 1 handset).
                I also test with if leaving far from sensor device, and then come back, it can complete auto-connect
                right away. But it seems if device is power-on for a long time and handset is off from device for a long time,
                it can be reproducible but randomly. I try to mark this function plan_air_advertisement_stopped()
                when in idle state, handset will not scan the device out. But in this case, even call plan_air_advertisement_stopped(),
                the handset can not find it. Dont know if our firmware APP causes this problem or not. Besides if meet with
                this situation, is SDK 2.2 has auto-reset function once it detects some problems? And does current SDK 2.2
                enable watchdog timer or not?

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                  Hi boont,


                    I'm not using APP on handheld device, I am working on bluez on Linux system.

                    And as I described in other thread, such issue at my side was not in specific pattern in reproducing it.

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                    Hi Leo,


                      This is quite similar to my previous finding in post 'Unable to advertise after shutdown of all connection'



                    I tried to add test code for hooking the button interrupt to *re-enable* the advertising by calling 'bleprofile_Discoverable' with parameter 'HIGH_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE', but it still failed to advertise.


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                      By default, Hello_Sensor should continue to send advertisements.  It does slow down after 30S or so, but should continue nonetheless.


                      Can you take a look at the traces. Every several minutes you should see a "ADV start" and "ADV stop".

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                        yes, we observe that after disconnection, it will periodically show "ADV start" and "ADV stop"

                        but a fewer time, we can reproduce even device show "ADV start" and "ADV stop" but
                        handset can not find the device by scanning either. It seems to be a strange symptom.

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                          Maybe you can verify with different phone if at the time your handset cannot connect to the sensor advertisements are still being sent.  Just to eliminate problem on another side.

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                            Hi, all


                            This problem is now still happened in our product.


                            Problem symptom:
                            - There is no handset connected with sensor device and from trace we can see
                            device periodically call hello_sensor_advertisement_stopped() to have
                            bleprofile_Discoverable(LOW_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE, hello_sensor_hostinfo.bdaddr);

                            But no handset can scan this device so no connection opportunity


                            Handset :

                            (IOS/android all have ever been found with this problem)


                            Possible reproducing approach:

                            - keep handset low-battery or keep connection/disconnection action.


                            There is one target which is happened same as this problem; is it ok to have air-capture in BCM site?

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                              Let me revise this:


                              You are running your own customized app on your own HW product, and now you observed that no handset can ever connect to it. Is this correct?


                              Can you run hello sensor app on your HW product and confirm that the issue still exist?


                              Are you working with a brcm rep in Taiwan?

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                                Hi, Boont,


                                This problem is also found before in hello-sensor sample but not easy to reproduce.

                                In app layer, it's a little bit related with connection stuff, i.e. connection up/ connection down
                                and advisement broadcast handle. So we now make sure after link is disconnected and
                                see the broadcast, handset should find the device. However, in this case, it seems there is
                                no MAC to broadcast. So it's suggested to have capture view.


                                It seems, this problem is related to some power-saving mechanism of certain handset;
                                i.e., if handset is low-battery entering power-saving mode or power-saving setting by user phone.
                                It is much easier to let link drop and maybe the next result will be like this problem?

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                                  I am getting Frank from Avnet to contact you on this issue. Hopefully some logs could be captured, as it could be vexing to reproduce such intermittent issues.

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                                    Any new findings to the issue? I heard Frank is quite busy...

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