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    I need a WICED example on how to setup an obex server for file transfer or the steps to setup the server.


      I need a WICED example on how to setup an OBEX server for file transfer or the steps involved in setting up the server. The example in the WICED studio includes an example for setting up and RFCOMM server that supports the SPP (Serial Port Profile).

      The setup sequence in that example includes the following invocation of the HCI control function:


      wiced_hci_send( HCI_CONTROL_SPP_COMMAND_CONNECT, data, length );


      The HCI control command in the above example is for SPP (Serial Port Profile) but I cannot find the corresponding HCI command for OBEX in the WICED studio source code. My search of the WICED source code did not produce any results for  HCI control command that corresponds to OBEX  profile. Also the SPP example includes  an event management call back for serial port:


      wiced_hci_set_event_callback(SPP, wh_bt_rfcomm_context.rfcomm_context_cb);


      The SPP constant in the above corresponds to the serial port profile; the constant is defined by the data type "typedef enum control_group_enum". That enum type def does not include any constant that corresponds to OBEX profile.


      Your guidance will be appreciated greatly.