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    Multiple UAC device example?


      Hello Everyone,

      I want to make multiple UAC devices out of FX3, is it feasible? How to make such device can you provide some example?

      I want to take input from SPI and then i want multiple UAC devices to be created and played with audio player.



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          - Cypress does not provide an example for multiple UAC devices but the FX3 SDK includes an example for UAC class implementation.

          - While creating multiple UAC class devices, it has to be noted that FX3 has got one SPI hardware block that has to be shared among the different physical audio devices. The descriptor file must be modified to notify the host of the presence of multiple devices. This can be implemented by adding a separate set of Audio Control and Audio Streaming interfaces for each physical device. The firmware must handle the routing of data from the SPI block to the corresponding endpoint on the USB side according to the physical device that is transmitting the data.


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