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    device and driver no response could you please response


         I'm using MAX2084EVKIT  in that evaluation kit  CYUSB3014-BZXC  placed.  

          (1)           I used this setup in windows 10 it detects and worked.      

          (2)           But I connected to the windows 7 it doesn't respond to anything.  

          (3)           I checked with device manager in windows 7  it doesn't show anything about cypress driver.      

          (4)           Earlier in windows 10, it shows Westbridge and I updated the driver software      

          (5)           clearly, I understood it doesn't respond in Windows 7 and I reconnect with the windows 10 no response there also.      

          (6)           Please tell me the procedure what I have to do further activate the max2084 evkit via cypress


      Awaiting for your response



      Thanks & Regards,

      Chandran. Bose