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    Help with A2DP src and sink on the 20719 combo module




      We are currently in the process of proof-of-concepting a software model that implements both the A2DP Sink and Source on one 20719 module.


      We have had a few calls in with Cypress to confirm that both of these profiles are available for the 20719 since there had been some confusion about which profiles were currently supported and which were not.


      I have a couple questions about all this:


      (1) There exists both a wiced_bt_a2dp_sink.h and wiced_bt_a2dp_source.h in the /include/common/ directory, but it doesn't appear they were meant to be included together in the same application because they each include definitions for a few of the same structs (wiced_bt_a2dp_codec_info_list_t and wiced_bt_a2dp_config_data_t) and therefore create type conflicts. Which is fine, I can move that definition elsewhere, but should I? Is there another approach I should take here?


      I also looked at the source code in /libraries/common/a2dp_sink_profile, but linking to that library fails due to an undefined reference of the wiced_audio_sink_configure() function.


      Can someone please make a recommendation on which files, libraries, demo projects, etc I should reference for trying to develop an application that supports both the Audio Sink and Source profiles?


      (2) Is there any plan for Cypress to provide an A2DP Source library?


      Thank you so much,