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    Build a Secure, Low-Power Bluetooth Hub and Sensor Network


      By Stephen Evanczuk

      Contributed By Digi-Key's North American Editors

      With its widespread availability on mobile devices, Bluetooth is well suited for providing consumers with easy wireless access to smart products. For IoT developers, however, building Bluetooth connected sensor networks presents challenges such as maximizing battery life, optimizing Bluetooth protocols, and ensuring secure connectivity among devices.


      As this article will show, using an advanced Bluetooth device and an associated development environment from Cypress Semiconductor, developers can speed through these issues and rapidly implement secure Bluetooth hub sensor networks.


      Why Bluetooth?

      Bluetooth's widespread support in smartphones and other mobile devices has made it a preferred wireless technology for connecting consumers with their personal electronic devices such as wearables and medical devices, among others. With the emergence of Bluetooth 5, IoT developers can leverage those same advantages while meeting the growing requirements for longer range and higher data rates associated with sensor networks and other IoT applications.

      To build designs for those applications, developers can turn to a growing array of Bluetooth 5 capable devices. Combining a complete RF subsystem and processor core, these devices are capable of performing the low-level transactions associated with Bluetooth communications. Yet, the need to maintain low power consumption and ensure secure connectivity in IoT networks can present a further complication in deploying Bluetooth in these applications.


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