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    CySmart Dongle - read/write characteristics


      Hi there,


      i used a Psoc 4 Dongle and CySmart to scan for my Bluetooth Sensor. I connected and paired with it.

      As I went through the list I tried to read some data -> worked -> then I tried to read some data with permission admin -> didn't work

      So I wanted to give myself the authorizatioan of an admin -> that's where I am stuck at the moment.

      I just don't know what the value of the characteristic, that should overwrite the authorization level, is givving me back as read response.


      So what is the data that I am getting as response and what and how can I write something into it?



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          According to the device specification for the Control Characteristic, it says that you need to set the control, param and the address based on the table given in For the ADMIN privilege, you need to set control to 0x06 and address variable to the device address. But for the USER privilege, the control is set to 0x07 and others aren't required.


          So the difference between the two privileges is that you need to set the address variable with the device address for ADMIN Privilege and to obtain the address you need to first obtain the paired device list using control command as 0x00.


          Based on the 0x00 control command, the data containing the device address can be read. Once the device address is available, set this to the address variable, set the structure for ADMIN privilege and then you can read/write the data. Hope it makes sense.