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    BLE scan/connect/read/write



      I start on the BLE domain.

      I'm starting to use the WICED library / drivers / bluetooth library to connect to a BLE object.


      I manage to scan objects around me using the function

      wiced_bt_ble_scan ()



      But fail to read and write a parameter using the functions.





      My goal is to read / write a data in BLE objet with mac adress xx:xx:xx:xx:xx according to the following information to change the name



      Do you have a simple BLE demo to allow me to solve this problem ?

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          After connecting to a BLE device I try to use the read / write / discover functions but I get WICED_BT_GATT_NO_RESOURCES               = 0x80,         /**< No Resources */ as a result of the call.

          Can you tell me it can be the problem ?

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            Could you please confirm that you are writing/reading the attribute by passing the correct corresponding attribute Handle  to these APIs?


            For example --



                    p_write_req->handle   = handle;

                    p_write_req->offset   = 0;

                    p_write_req->len      = len;

                    p_write_req->auth_req = GATT_AUTH_REQ_NONE;

                    memcpy( p_write_req->value, p_data, len );

                    status = wiced_bt_gatt_send_write( conn_id, GATT_WRITE, p_write_req );



            -> If issue persists ,could you please attach your project files to reproduce the issue?

            -> Also, please let's know the exact BLE device part number you are using?



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              sorry for the delay, using the demo bt_internet_gateway/bt_http_proxy_service client and server, everything works better.



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