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    Central Host with Windows BLE Drivers?

      Is it possible to make the WICED Smart/Sense kits into a BLE Central Host with windows drivers?


      I have a qualcomm bluetooth chipset in my PC desktop that I am using to communicate with the WICED Sense.  I've come to realize, however, that Qualcomm seems to limit minimum connection intervals to 30ms+.  My application requires 7.5ms.  I know the WICED Sense can report at 7.5ms because I have an android tablet which reports 7.5ms timestamps in Android Studio when running the WICED Sense app.

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          You can program the WICED Sense device to act as a Central, then program another to act as a peripheral. The Hello_Client and Hello_Sensor programs could be used for this and instructions for programming WICED Sense with other profiles other than the default are available throughout the website in various threads.


          We also have Windows based Peer Apps for many of our sample programs in the SDK.  I think 1-2 of them may run as a central, but I'm not positive.  In addition, we are also looking into providing a Windows based WICED Sense client to accompany the Android and iOS clients we already provide.  I don't have an ETA for that one, but its coming.


          All of the peer based applications we provide for Windows will work with a low cost and commercially available BCM20702 based dongle.  You can install one of these on your laptop, but you will need to disable the Qualcomm based radio.  There are posts here on the website which discuss this setup as well.

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            I purchased four different BCM20702 based dongles from Amazon.


            I then reattempted calculating notification frequency and it looks like its taking between 2x - 4x the connection interval that I have specified in my firmware. (My device has the fastest connection interval of 7.5ms and I am seeing notifications coming in usually at 30ms, on occasion longer).


            Is the BCM20702 locked to a certain connection interval?


            I can see that 7.5ms interval works with your WICED Sense app via Android Studio timestamps on an HP tablet.  Any ideas as to why I cant get my specified 7.5ms interval on the PC?  Any tools that you might recommend to diagnose this? 


            Thanks in advance,

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              The developers believe that Broadcom BTW on Win-7 should allow 7.5ms.  However, on Windows-8, MS implements their own stack, so we are not sure.  Whoever provides the stack should be able to answer.