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    Change in 4343W BLE physical layer performance from 4.0 to 5.2?


      We recently upgraded the firmware for our 4343W-based product from WiCED sdk v4.0 to 5.2 on the way to 6.2.   There were some hurdles to jump through to get things building and running because of the resource changes (e.g.. the clm_blob), but we passed a quick verification of our system performance as we continued our upgrades onto v6.2.


      But we recently noticed a sharp drop in the reliability of BLE scanning and pairing when trying to connect to the 4343W from our mobile apps.  We traced to the change between v4.0  and 5.2 version.  Specifically on the same hardware and same antenna, our apps (both iOS and Android) scan and pair reliably with our 4.0 firmware build and struggle to find our hardware or maintain pairing with it for more than a few 10's of seconds with the 5.2 build.


      The 5.2 release notes do not mention any changes in the BLE firmware or API. 


      So before we dive in and try to figure this out, wanted to see if anyone else has run into anything similar.