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    Debugger exited unexpectedly after changing IDE host computer from Win 7 to Win 10


      I've recently upgraded my PC from a Win 7 laptop to a Win 10 laptop. Nothing else has changed. (same miniprog 3, cables, target board, etc.) It's loaded up with the same version of PSOC Creator (PSoC Creator  4.2 ( My application software source is checked out from SVN compiles the same .hex file.


      I've verified that:

      • I'm set to SWD debugging in the system settings
      • The debugger settings (SWD, 1.5 MHz, Reset, 10-pin, etc.) match my old PC.


      Both computers load my application software with either the standalone programmer or PSoC Creator, but only the Win 7 computer will break in main(), sync up the debugger to source code. The Win 10 PC will do neither.


      I've run the range of miniprog 3 frequencies and the best I was able to do is to get it to halt a the reset point after loading and it would only display in the disassembly tab.


      I've surveyed old community posts, but I see nothing new to try. What else can be done?

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