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    About setting IDAC gain with GUI


      I am using PSoC Creator 4.2.

      PSoC 4000 S is specified for the device.


      Please tell me how to set the IDAC gain of CSD on the PSoC Creator GUI.

      I think that you can set [Low (37.5 nA / bit)] middle [Middle (300 nA / bit)] [High (2.4 u A / bit)] as IDAC gain.

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          Here are the steps to set IDAC gain:


          1) In PSoC Creator, navigate to Tools -> Options ->Design Entry-> Component Catalog and enable Param Edit Values

          2)Then right click on the Advanced Configuration Tab of CapSense component and click on Show Expression View.


          This will open a window. Scroll down to CSD settings and set appropriate gain in Csd0IdacGainV2.


          DISCLAIMER: Do not use the expression view for other purposes/change any other parameters, as it may affect the CapSense performance.