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    How to customize an I2C bootloader



      I need to create a bootloader that allows a host interfaced through an I2C bus to make any swr updates.


      I saw that the PSoC systems already provide for this eventuality, but going to read in detail the operation I seemed to understand that the downloading protocol is set in the libraries.


      Unfortunately I need to implement a custom I2C protocol.


      Reading the datasheets of Cypress I seemed to understand that the implementation of a custom communication is possible, but I could not find APP notes or examples to use.


      The only thing I could find is an application made by a user, shared on the web in a forum, where a bootloaded application is implemented through an I2C serial eeprom.


      That proposal, however, does not seem to me a good example of customization since Cypress's design philosophy is not followed as the APIs produced by the APP generator are modified directly, modules that Cypress expressly invites not to modify.


      What I ask is to get directions on how to proceed, and maybe some examples from which to take inspiration.