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    [SDK2.2] I2C bus clock

      Hi Sir,


      I found a very weird situation of I2C bus clock.

      1. After programming, the application run automatically. The clock is correct.

      2. Reset or Power up, the clock become 4x faster. That is, 100KHz configuration, I see the 400KHz clock waveform.

         The 400KHz configuration, I see 1.6MHz clock waveform. Why is that? Am I doing anything wrong?



      My code for i2cm config:

          /* initialize the i2c master */



          /* the default speed is 100kHz, it's not required the speed config. */



          //i2c_speed = i2cm_getSpeed();

          //ble_trace1("i2c speed:%d\n", i2c_speed);


      Best regards,