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    CCG2 dead battery case



      We have designed board using CYPD2122 as notebook application. In case of dead battery, when we power the notebook board, the VBUS_C_CTRL pins goes high after ~65-75ms. This will switch off the consumer path and the rest of the circuit will not get power and immediately the dead battery condition occurs again and the same behavior continues.


      If we look at the waveform on VBUS_C_CTRL pin the pin voltage will be 3.3V (As our system is working with 3.3V) and after ~65-75ms the pin goes high for microseconds and again immediately the pin is pulled down.


      We would like to know whether this behavior is correct or  do we need to make some correct in the CCG2 notebook application.




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          Hi Nagaraj,


          From your description, the dead-battery case is CCG2 is power off and power on with VBUS of Type-C. If you are going to support dead-battery on CCG2, you need make sure your hardware design have supported deab-battery case:


          1. VBUS_C_CTRL is LOW by default, so that the VBUS can power on CCG2 board.

          2. Make sure power consumer path is enabled with VBUS_C_CTRL drive to LOW.

          3. Make sure the dead-battery supported have been enabled in configure table.


          CY4521 hardware schematic can support dead-battery, you can refer to it.


          Best Regards,


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            Hi Lisa,


            In our schematics VBUS_C_CTL is low when there is no power to the CCG2 board. In the application the default status of VBUS_C_CTL was high and we modified the default status to low. Now the Dead battery condition is working fine.


            Thanks Nagaraj.