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    PSoC Creator 3.3 Error M0094


      Hi, I have an old project from 2016 that I have built using PSoC Creator 3.3.




      I have frequently rebuilt it and programmed it without problems.


      Now, after I additionally installed PSoC Creator 4.2, I get the error M0094 when I open the old project with PSoC Creator 3.3.

      it says that a design wide resource file has been modified outside the project or so.

      After build, the project does not run correctly. I am not sure what is wrong. The most obvious thing is that a display

      that is connected to several GPIO pins does not show anything.


      When I use the PSoC Programmer to program the old hex file, it runs as expected.


      What can I do to be able to use the old project without errors and to be able to modify the old file?