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    Programming PSoC 5 LP035 with Cyclone FX programmer


      I am trying to burn an image on a new (never programmed before) PSoC 5 and run into error code #3003. When I use the exact same image for a board that I have programmed before (using the miniProg3 + PSoC creator), standalone programming is successful.

      Multiple tries of Standalone programming fail, until I use the miniProg3 to program the board, after which I see no failures.

      Here are my settings from Cyclone Image Creation utility:


      Device: CY8C5868AXI-LP035

      CM: Cypress_CY8C5868AXI-LP035_1x32x64k

      SS: XXXX.hex

      EN: Erase if not Blank

      PM: Program Module

      VC: Verify Checksum


      Mode: SWD

      Shift Frequency: 10 MHz (I have tried values from 2 - 10 MHz)


      Any ideas on what might be wrong?


      Thank you,