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    CYW89342 support for WPA/WPA2 mixed mode on SoftAP




      I'd like to know if WPA/WPA2 mixed mode is supported on SoftAP with the following setup:

      • CYW89342
      • fw_bcmdhd_RSDB.bin (from release 89359_P8.2)
      • bcmdhd 1.363.43 (from release 89359_P8.2)
      • wpa_supplicant (from release 89359_P8.2)


      The documentation to bring up SoftAP mode in either WPA or WPA2 mode works ("89359 PCIe User Manual - RSDB Concurrency Modes"). However there doesn't seem to be any mention of WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Is this supported?