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    question about CY4531 VCON switch


      If i look at the schematic of the CY4531 CCG3 Daughter board then i see a line from the AP2822 VONN power swich(upper left corner) gping to GPIO/P3.6

      I cann ot find any reference what this is doing.?

      I looked at the project In Creator from the note book design and cannot find any reference to this??


      pls help





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          Hi Ron,


          You could find a Marco define for VCONN_OCP_ENABLE at file config.h. By default, this Marco is not enabled.



          * VConn Over-Current Protection Configuration.


          * The VConn OCP feature is implemented based on an external load switch and

          * only uses a fault indicator GPIO coming into the CCG device.


          /* VConn OCP enable setting. */

          #define VCONN_OCP_ENABLE                            (0u)


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