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    Placing TCPWM in PSoC4000S fails



      I have started experimenting with a TCPWM component on a PSoC4000S (CY8C4045AZI-S413). Placings this component in the .cysch fails fitting of the digital blocks.


      My .cysch is almost empty. Apart from some GPIO, I only have the TCPWM component. I a aware that this is a fixed-function component that can only use specific output pin. Therefore, I have configured both output lines ("line", "line_n") of the TCPWM component to the correct pins. However, even if I do not lock the pins, the fitter fails to place the TCPWM component.


      This is not the first time I use TCPWM with PSoC. however, my experience is mostly with PSoC4200M and PSoC5LP. I never had trouble placing a TCPWM component.


      The error I get is: