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    Assistance in Selecting A Part




      I am developing a system that I am looking to use a PSOC-4 part in. It will use several external IC chips to the processor.


      Three of these chips will communicate to the processor with SPI. Each of the chips operate with a different mode. One of these chips is a TLC6C5712QPWPRQ1, a TI LED driver that operates with a clock polarity and phase of 0. The second is an NXP MCZ33996EK relay driver. This operates with a clock polarity of 1 and a phase of 0. There also is an AD7173-8BCPZ Analog Devices A to D converter. This communicates with Microwire. The PSOC-4 part will need the resources to accommodate three SPI objects if there is no way to switch modes with software. Ultimately, I would like a single SPI bus (and object) so I would not need to waste GPIO's.


      The system also will have a I2C bus and a half-duplex UART.


      Finally, I will need a total of 40 GPIO pins (all I2C, SPI, and UART pins included) assuming a single SPI bus.

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          A brief test shows that you'll need a PSoC5 LP.  The mode parameter cannot be changed at run-time, so you'll need 3 SPI components.

          I would suggest you to

          • Get hands on a PSoC5 prototyping kit
          • Download and install Creator 4.3
          • Download and install the Kit files
          • Create a new PSoC5 project and select your kit
          • Place and wire your components on the topdesign
          • Build your project


          Remember that you may multiplex your mosi lines to reduce pin count


          Happy coding