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    Can SysTick interrupt wake the device up from DeepSleep mode?

      Hi all


      I am trying to build a project with some timing flags(16Hz/8Hz/4Hz...etc) so that I can perform the tasks accordingly.

      According to the above table, since I don't have any comparator/I2C/GPIO interrupt in my project, the only wakeup source seems to be the WDT(Configured Timer0 to 16Hz).


      But WDT timer introduce some weird behavior in my project (Enter ISR twice after waking up before going into any code), so I am trying to use SysTick to generate the flags.


      Then I saw something on the internet saying SysTick can wakeup from DeepSleep, so I tried it.

      Guess what! it works!


      But since the spec suggest otherwise, I am here to ask did I do something wrong?

      (e.g. Device didn't really enter DeepSleep, so SysTick didn't really wakeup the device but just generate some ticks while running...etc?)


      Been confused for a while now