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    Regarding fx2lp controlcenter


      Hello ,

                  We are developing  an android application, currently we have established connection between fx2lp and android phone successfuly. fx2lp is interfaced with image sensor with slavefifo configuration.we have developed GUI on windows side successfully for displaying images(control center application).we are developing application on xamarine. In cypress control center application,there will be a transfer IN button that works for recieving bytes of data from the fx2lp device with required number.Is there any specific functions are there to recieve fx2lp data in xamarine.we are facing problem regarding this buffer size in our android application.We are getting 16384 bytes of data everytime , but our requirment is 360960 bytes.is there any way to change this buffer size?can cypress suggest us to recieving fx2lp data ?




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          Hello Geetha,


          - Please let know if you are using libusb library on your android application. If yes, then you can use the libcyusb library that comes with the FX3 SDK for Linux. This has got the cyusb_bulk_transfer API which contains a parameter for setting the length of data to be transferred.

          - Also, kindly, refer to the cyusb_linux GUI source that comes with the FX3 SDK for Linux.


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