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    PSoC6 UDB components missing


      With PSoC Crerator 4.2 and PSoC6 some important digital UDB components are missing.

      For example:

      - Digital Comparator

      - Counter
            There is only the TCPWM Timer Counter and a 7-Bit down counter, but not the "counter" and the "Basic Counter".

      - WaveDAC (not useable because of Error, the used DMA v1.70 causes the error)


      How can i get these urgend needed functions?




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          Hello Peter,

          We have had a lot of software development projects running to support PSoC 6. For example, the PDL is a complete ground-up development of drivers for all the IP on the device. So, unfortunately, we had to prioritize what we work on. The decision was that UDB-based components like the Counter and PWM are not quite as important as some other components because there are plenty of fixed-function alternatives in the TCPWM blocks. They are still important, of course, and they are a high priority in our roadmap. We do intend to complete the portfolio with those components. Unfortunately, I do not have a date for when that will happen.

          Sorry this is not the greatest news. I hope you can find alternative ways to complete your projects.

          Regards, Mark.