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    CAN BUS example project



                 i am working on project based on the cN bus .In my projects i am using  three nodes . NODE1 has to receive the data from NODE 2 AND NODE 3.


      can any one please give me the sample code of the can bus project


      And also please tell me the use of  SJW and sample point  Time segments.


      Thanks in advance

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          You can navigate to PsoC creator: File-> Code example and refer to the following two CEs.




          SJW is synchronization jump width. the value must be less than or equal to Tseg1 and Tseg2.

          Sample point is the point in time at which the bus level is read and interpreted as the value of that respective bit.

          So, sample point can be set at a maximum value to allow for higher propagation delays.


          You can also refer to PSoC architecture TRM and CAN specification. I hope this helps.