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    CYUSB3064 Power Consumption / Solution Size

      What is the average power consumed by a CYUSB3064 or CYUSB3065 device when streaming 1080p30 video over USB?

      What is the minimum solution size (PCB area) for that application?


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          Please refer question 3. in this KBA: CX3 Hardware: Frequently Asked Questions - KBA91295



          Question: How much current does CX3 draw from the USB VBUS supply?

          Answer: The total current CX3 draws from the 5-V source in normal mode is approximately 112.6 mA. This is the worst-case scenario (1080p at 30fps, 24-bit data bus, 6 V at VBUS, 3.6 V for I/O supply, 1.25 V for Core / USB 3.0 supply).

          Note: These values are based on the following criteria summarized in the table below. This assumes using switching regulators with approximately 85% efficiency for 5 V to 1.2 V, 1.8 V, or 3.3 V conversion.



          Voltage (V)

          Current (mA)

          Power (W)

          External Power Converter Efficiency

          Input Power (W)

          I/O supply3.623.50.085
          Total power0.4780.850.563
          Current from VBUS5112.6

          If you use only the USB 2.0 port of CX3, then the current drawn is approximately 98.6 mA. When the device is in the standby mode, it draws approximately 68 uA; in the suspend mode, it draws approximately 3.2 mA.