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    Disconnection delay




      I have two BCM20736S BLE. The first one is in master mode and the second in central mode.

      The master exchange data with the central and the central can notify to the master (if enabled)


      I want to have the possiblity to disconnect and reconnect quickly (~1 second)


      For example:

      The 2 BLE are connected. if I disconnect the central (power off) and one second after I reconnect (power on) my central device , the peripheral BLE is not ready to connect..I think it is finding the old central BLE...the connection down callback was not call...


      Is it possible to modify the delay between a link loss and a connection down process?




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          I am not sure why you are powering off the board for disconnecting BLE.

          Rather you can use API void blecm_disconnect(INT32 errCode ); for sending a disconnection. Eg:  blecm_disconnect(BT_ERROR_CODE_CONNECTION_TERMINATED_BY_LOCAL_HOST);

          For reconnecting fast, make sure your Peripheral is sending adv packets fast (adv interval small) and keeping scan fast on central side.