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      I have exported the PSoC project to Makefile.

      When I export it first time, the end of the gen_source.mk file looks as below



      When I build the project in PSOC creator, the gen_source.mk file gets mofidied as below





      I deleted the  Export/ARM_GCC_Generic/CyComponentLibrary.a and tried to build the project using the makefile (with the modified gen_source.mk).

      I do get an error.


      Is CyComponentLibrary.a file required when using makefile?

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          gen_source.mk is a PSoC Creator generated source code.

          This file should NOT be modified. It is automatically re-written by PSoC Creator as a part of the build process.

          This file is written out for the toolchain selected in the export wizard. Later, it will be updated during each Build process, based on the current toolchain in the Build Settings. That is, if you export to Makefile and change from GCC to MDK, the Makefiles will likely not work. The gen_source.mk file will contain source code that is not supported by the toolchain in platform_debug.mk (or platform_release.mk). Either update the platform configuration file, or use the "Export to Makefile" feature to regenerate the files for the new toolchain.

          CyComponentLibrary.a : this library is used to merge all components libraries in a single code object library.

          So it will provide functions for all the components used in project.