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    S25FL256 bulk erase doesn't functional



      I am porting S25FL256 driver from NXP MPC5777M MCU to STM32L4. I am currently using Nucleo-144 board connecting to S25FL256 breakout board.


      For some reason, the bulk erase doesn't seems functional - WIP never get set and and memory never set to all 1. I am able to communicate with the device getting IDs as following.

      Before the BE, I issue Write Enable command and am able to confirm from logic analyzer.


      I am wondering if there is any configuration setting I am missing or...






      config: 0 status1: 0 status2: 0 eas: 24 manID: 1 devID: 24 CFImanID: 1 CFIdevID: 0x0219 CFILength: 0x4d


      // Write Enable

      uint8_t cmd = uint8_t(FLASH_CMD::WREN);     //0x06

      m_dspi->write(&cmd, 1);


      // Bulk Erase

      uint8_t cmd = uint8_t(FLASH_CMD::BE);     // 0x60

      m_dspi->write(&cmd, 1);


      bool wip;