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    Signed Driver Signature for Window 10


      Hi ,


      I'm using CY7C68013A and cyusb at the moment on window 7. However, I need to use the device driver on Window 10 with signed driver signature. I still can use my cyusb driver and window based software (which complied with old cyAPI.h and cyiocti.h) on Window 10 apart from needing to disable the driver signature option.

      I really need to get sign the usb driver for Window 10.

      My question is

      1. Should I send my current cyusb driver to get signed Or

      2. should I migrate cyusb to cyusb3 and get it signed.

         If I migrate to cyusb3, where can i get the header files and lib files?

         ( I'm not sure, is this the right download folder or not http://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/ez-usb-fx3-software-development-kit )

        Under the above link, I found one zip file called "CyUSB3_USB_Suite_Source.zip"




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          Hello Su,


          CYUSB driver is no longer supported by Cypress and is recommended to migrate to the CYUSB3 driver. The driver, header files and the library files can be obtained from the link that you have mentioned (FX3 SDK).


          This driver has been signed by Microsoft and is compatible till Win 10 RS3.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S