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    OTA Upgrade Problem


      I have a question about OTA upgrade.


      I implemented an OTA upgrade with reference to the document of AN 97060 listed in the following URL.

      I used the source code of the sample as described in the document as well.



      I am using the device of "CY8C4248LQI-BL483".

      I implemented "5.4 Adding an Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader" described in the document.


      In this configuration, the firmware consists of three parts.


      2.BLE Stack Application



      I will modify the source code of the "Application" and create the built firmware.

      And I can upgrade that firmware by OTA upgrade without problems.


      However, when I upgrade the firmware created by modifying the source code of "BLE Stack Application", I have problems.

      Although the OTA upgrade itself will succeed, it stops within the SRAM initialization process that is done the first time Application is launched.


      Please tell me how to solve this problem.